62C recommends Paul Moore for all your PAINTING needs, be it pre-grouping, the 'Big Four', or British Railways post-nationalisation. The gallery features locomotives not necessarily built by myself but recently painted by Paul. All images remain copyright of Paul Moore.

Paul started railway modelling in the early 1980s, initially super detailing RTR OO gauge models before then kit building. Lined Locos were finished using the old Kemco transfers which was OK for a while but he felt he could do better. In 1987 Paul watched a professional painter giving a hand-lining demonstration at the Glasgow Show and thought he could learn to do that, and the rest is history. The last 30 years hobby time has been spent building and painting models in 4mm, 7mm and 10mm Scales. Most of his work was for friends and club members who passed his name around by word of mouth. His modelling interest at that time was based on the North Eastern Railway in 4mm and P4 standards with handiwork being exhibited on the late Tom Harlands Bramblewick Layout. Paul was also involved in the 7mm scale RTR offerings from DJH until he could not cope with the demand they had. In 2010 he was approached by Finescale Brass to apply lining finishes to the range of 7mm and 10mm RTR brass models being assembled by the Sancheng Company in China. This offer gave the push he needed to become a professional model painter, albeit while still holding down a full time job with BT. As demand for his services grew Paul consciously kept an order book within manageable timescales as it was felt unfair and unprofessional to have an order book of work with unrealistic delivery timescales. However the time has now come for Paul to retire from BT at the end of November 2017 and make model painting a full time business. The change from part time to full time model working should therefore see turnaround times for painting drop to a matter of months based on current work load.

Contact Details: 01670 590404 (Cramlington) or 07753 455310.

Email paulmoore31@yahoo.com

(please mention 62C Models when making an inquiry)

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Finescale Brass RTR Kirkley designed Midland 0-4-4T - copyright Paul Moore
Finished in early LMS crimson lake, HMRS Transfer and Guilplates etched plates. 7mm Scale.