L01: N.B.R. / LNER N14

George Dawson kindly agreed to do the artwork for the etches and the equally highly acclaimned Pete Westwater has made the patterns for the whitemetal components. The chassis is in 18/1000 Nickel Silver and the body is in 15/1000 brass. The kit will be supplied with all castings, handrail knobs, bearings, handrail wire, glazing, electrical wire and 3-link couplings as well as fully illustrated instructions. The buffers have turned brass shanks with fully sprung steel heads. Lost wax brass castings for the more vulnerable parts include steam heating, vacuum and westinghouse pipes, sandbox lids, water tank lids, whistle, tallow cups, ross pop safety valves, lock-up safety valves, smokebox dart, blower valve, brake standard, steam injectors, vacuum ejector and 3 cab dials. The remaining whitemetal castings include 2 chimneys, 2 domes, round and rectangular safety valve bases, smokebox door, piano front, water tank balance pipe, westinghouse pump and backhead. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS KIT NOW CONTAINS MORE LOST WAX BRASS THAN PREVIOUSLY.

N14001 N14 Kit (Excluding wheels and motor) 240.00GBP
N14002 N14 Kit (Including Slaters wheels) 320.00GBP
N14003 N14 Kit (Including Slaters wheels and Canon motor / gearbox) 380.00GBP
N14-001S N14 Etches (S-GAUGE) - no castings 60.00GBP
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N14 in N.B.R. Livery
This photograph shows the N14 as built in N.B.R. livery with the reporting number on the tankside. Model built by Peter Mullen and painted by Paul Moore.