L06: N.B.R. / LNER G8

Following on from the G7, I have produced this kit for the earlier Drummond G8 (in its 0-4-4 configuration). Given that this is an earlier prototype (only six were built in 1877) and they were all withdrawn by 1925, this may be a limited edition kit (bearing in mind they were only ever seen in North British Railway livery). The chassis is in 0.55mm Nickel Silver (slightly thicker than the other kits) and the body in 16/1000 brass. The kit is supplied with all castings, handrail knobs, bearings, handrail wire, glazing, electrical wire and screw-link couplings as well as fully illustrated instructions. The buffers have turned brass shanks with fully sprung steel heads of the correct diameter. There will be the usual mix of lost wax brass castings including Brake Standard, Cab Dials, Lock-Up Safety Valves, Ramsbottom safety Valve, Regulator Handle, Sandbox Lids, Steam Heating Pipes, Smokebox Blower Valve, Smokebox Door Handle, Steam Injectors, Vacuum Ejector, Vacuum Pipes, Water Tank Filler Lids, Westinghouse Pump and Whistle. The remaining whitemetal castings include chimney, dome, piano front, round whistle base, smokebox door and backhead.

Thanks must go to Euan Cameron and Ian Terrell for assistance in the development of this kit and to Pete Westwater for the patterns.

G8001 G8 Kit (Excluding wheels and motor) 240.00GBP
G8002 G8 Kit (Including Slaters wheels) 315.00GBP
G8003 G8 Kit (Including Slaters wheels and Canon motor / gearbox) 375.00GBP
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North British Railway G8 1325 at Perth