L04: N.B.R. / LNER 'Gartverrie' J36 conversion kit

The LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 cab conversion kit is designed to convert the 'Majestic Models' or 'Connoisseur Models' J36 kit into the 'Gartverrie' variant with cut down cab and boiler fittings. The etched brass components are used as direct replacements for the original parts and the building instructions remain unaltered. I can supply complete J36 kits (Connoisseur Models) on request.

J36001 Connoisseur Models J36 kit. 335.00GBP
J36002 Connoisseur Models J36 kit with 'Gartverrie' J36 conversion pack (etches, chimney and dome). 367.50GBP
J36003 Slaters wheel pack for J36 locomotive and tender. 108.00GBP
M004 Mashima 1833 Motor and Rigid Gearbox (36:1) for J36 kit. 55.00GBP
A039 LNER/BR 'Gartverrie' J36 Cab conversion etches. 25.00GBP
WM124 LNER/BR 'Gartverrie' J36 shortened chimney. 3.50GBP
WM125 LNER/BR 'Gartverrie' J36 shortened J36 Dome. 3.50GBP
Previous LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 conversion etches. LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 prior to painting. LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 prior to painting. LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 prior to painting. Next
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LNER / BR 'Gartverrie' J36 conversion etches.
The 'Gartverrie' J36 conversion etch contains replacement components for the cab side sheets plus beading, front spectacle plate with modified window frames, replacement window frames and reduced height cab floor plate if required.


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