I am collaborating with John Whyte in Glasgow to re-release many of the 'Freightman' wagon kits following the death of Frank Titcombe. A limited selection of these vans are now available as bodyline kits but DO NOT include a chassis at present. We are currently finalizing chassis options and hope to supply complete kits with wheels and either Parkside Dundas or ABS underframes in the near future. Bodyline kits currently available (very limited stocks) are (i) LMS Insulated van (strapped), (ii) LMS Insulated van (unstrapped), (iii) BR banana van (LMS design), (iv) BR/WR Plywood van (Dia 203) and (v) SR uneven planked van.

'Freightman' are now also offerering Ready-to-Run wagons and vans from Parkside Dundas / Slaters (as well as original Freightman items) - details can be found in the thumbnails below.

F001 Freightman LMS Insulated van - strapped (bodyline kit). 20.00GBP + 2.20GBP p+p
F002 Freightman LMS Insulated van - unstrapped- (bodyline kit). 20.00GBP + 2.20GBP p+p
F003 Freightman BR banana van - LMS design (bodyline kit). 20.00GBP + 2.20GBP p+p
F004 Freightman BR/WR Plywood van - Dia 203 (bodyline kit). 20.00GBP + 2.20GBP p+p
F005 Freightman SR uneven planked van (bodyline kit). SOLD OUT
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